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Orion Retreat Thailand -
A Wellness Holiday in Paradise

Join Orion retreats at Melia resort, koh Samui, a luxury beachfront oasis

Immerse yourself in a serene and unforgettable wellness retreat. We’ve combined an expert, results-driven approach to optimal wellbeing with a tranquil environment that caters to individual needs for rejuvenation.

Optimize your energy with our holistic detox retreats. Increase your mental focus and clarity through our lifestyle retreats.  Rediscover a healthy balance and deep calm with Yoga and healing programs.

Come solo or in tandem with a good friend, family member, or colleague. Our wellness retreats will transform the way you approach your daily life, with special attention given to learning proper rest, manifesting your dreams, and creating the life that’s truly meant for you.

Detox & Wellness Packages

Melia Resort, Koh Samui -
A Luxury Beachfront Oasis in Thailand

Orion Retreat Koh Samui, a serene beachfront retreat, is collaborating with Melia Resort, an international five-star hotel on the pristine and tranquil Choeng Mon Beach in Koh Samui’s north, featuring luxury style and comfort beyond your imagination.

From the founders of Orion healing centre, Koh Phangan
an epicenter of transformation, as featured on

Benefits of Detoxing, Cleansing, and Fasting

The main benefit of a detox is the restoration of your body’s natural self-healing abilities. During the first 12 hours of a detox, your body stops the process of metabolizing i.e. converting food into energy. The energy that the body would use to process food then gets redirected into self-healing.

The physiological benefits will include disease prevention, reduced symptoms from many different ailments, cleansing the body, giving digestive organs a rest, overall rejuvenation, weight loss, clearer skin, slower aging, increased flexibility, improved fertility and enhanced senses.

The more subtle benefits of  detox can include getting in touch with a deeper sense of yourself, by freeing yourself from toxins and allowing the body to utilize the energy from digestion you become more receptive to subtle changes. These can include having a clearer mind, heightened intuition, opening up emotionally and allowing for more positive possibilities to enter our lives.

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