Our Teachers

Chandra Tuttle

Yoga Therapy

Chandra studied & trained as a yoga teacher over 23 years ago. She did a year of full time study with Bob Cooley – originator and author of The Genius of Stretching. She grew an inch that year and changed her life forever. The yoga Chandra teaches is the based on the foundations of movement, teaching you how your body wants to be in any given position.

It is not surprising that she has found this particular yoga to study and teach because CHANDRA – her given name, by her (totally non-yogi) parents, is from Chandra Yoga which is said to be the original form of yoga in the Hindu tradition.  This form of yoga can take anyone

– from where they are to where they can go, with their yoga practice, whether it be a little ole grandma or a thriving yogi. If you want to learn how to strengthen the foundation of your yoga practice, this is a perfect class for you.

Activation Meditation

This is an internal yoga/breathwork practice that leads one into a deep Theta state of meditation and opens energy flow of all the chakra body, when done properly. There are many layers to the work, with the foundation being the Breath. The additional layers are sound vibrations and chakra activations. Chandra refers to this work as the “back door” into meditation, because it works so well for people who struggle with calming the mind and achieving success in meditation exercises. The breath work will not only alter your brain waves by helping to release certain hormones which help to balance the right left brain activity and slow it all down, but it also will strengthen the small muscles around your spine, enhancing your ability to do deep belly breathing naturally and ensuring that you are regularly getting more oxygen because the small muscle that support diaphramic breathing have finally been strengthen again.

And that is just the foundation levels. The other levels will activate the chakra’s and help to clear the patterns of blocked energy which is an amazing support to any other emotional or spiritual work you may be looking for in your life.

All and all, it is one of the most wholistic treatments you can do for all by yourself as a daily practice and find far reaching lasting benefits for a small amount of effort.