Reiki retreats and courses in Thailand – learn reiki with experienced western teachers

We have been teaching Reiki in Thailand for 12 Years to students from all 4 corners of the globe.  At the core of our centre is our dedication to teach this system and to spread this healing art world wide.

The work we are doing now is to prepare for the beginning of a new era where humanity is shifting to a higher level of consciousness; this is happening through sessions and attunements.

Our work is primarily to create balance and harmony, to connect people with the deep vibration of the earth. We need this connection so that we can learn to live together with our planet harmoniously.  As each individual transforms, our vibration affects others creating a global shift.

At the Orion retreat centre we offer Reiki treatments, courses and integrated Reiki and Detox retreats. Please contact us  to book your retreat.

Orion Reiki is a unique form of healing Learn to heal yourself and others
Specially developed Reiki retreats Be part of the Orion global Reiki community
Individually tailored courses English speaking Western teachers and therapists
Courses offer certification in Usui and Orion Reiki 5 star luxury accommodation

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contact our Reiki & detox specialists by filling the contact form.

I feel better health wise, which is truly a miracle. My outlook on life has benefited tremendously. I am confident this path was meant for my life. I cannot thank you enough for being a catalyst in this journey I have started. I am so grateful to have been given this gift from you, which is Reiki.

Thomas, USA

Ari’s Orion Reiki healing was the best treatment I’ve ever had. I felt so relaxed and could feel the energy go through my body like a million tiny swirling rainbows… I’ll be sure to come back…

Sophie, England

I feel very fortunate that Simon taught me Reiki Healing level 2. He is a gifted teacher, empathic, strong, yet gentle at the same time & centered in his approach. Simon makes one feel very comfortable as if known for many years. The training day was a real delight! I will be completing the Reiki Master/Teacher course with Simon & would recommend him to anyone desiring to become enlightened on this natural healing method that heals on so many levels.

Jane, England