Orion Reiki


Orion Reiki™ uses the Universal Life Force energy to heal and create balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Using deep relaxation this method clears the energy blockages held in your DNA.
An Orion Reiki treatment leaves you at peace with the world and gives a general sense of wellbeing.

60min – 2,500THB

Theta Healingimages

Theta Healing™ is a simple and powerful healing technique that will help you change your subconscious limiting beliefs release any trauma and negative emotion such as sorrow, anger, resentments, regret rejection guilt.

75min   – 3,000THB

Chakra Balancingwellness-tibetian

Using healing energy Chakra Balancing aligns the energetic gateways of your Aura.

60min   – 2,500THB

Crystal Healingcrystalhealing

This Healing/ Reiki treatment enhanced by different crystals uses the different vibrations of the gems to balance the energy centers in the body.

60min   – 2,500THB

CranioSacral Therapycraniosacral-therapy

Using gentle touch to balance the cranial rhythm, this treatment promotes the free flow of energy and free restrictions in the connecting tissues.

60min   – 2,500THB

Somatic Emotional Releaseso3

This therapeutic process frees the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma, using CranioSacral therapy combined with regression, going deep into the past to heal the root of the emotional and physical wounds.

75min   – 3,000THB

Chi Nei Tsangabdominal_massage_chi_nei_tsang

This methodical therapy, oriniates in China, designs to relieves tensions around the abdomen where stress is held. As organs are unblocked and digestion improves, you will experience more physical freedom and better detoxification.

60min   – 2,000THB


A private and confidential session with our western trained Psychotherapist offers a safe space in which you can share and explore the depths of your conscious mind. Often bringing about emotional and mental release and clarity.

60min   – 2,500THB