How many hours commitment are required for the Reiki I course?

Reiki I is taught over 2 days. On the first day, you’ll learn mainly theoretical information: What Reiki can heal, how it works, what we can use it for, how we can heal ourselves and others, how we can use Reiki as a tool to develop our intuition, the history of Reiki and 5 principles.
The second day is longer and more practical. You will learn about hand positions, the main energy centers in the body, and receive an initiation. You’ll also have plenty of opportunity to practice.

Hours are approximately: Day one 11 – 2:00, Day two 11 – 3.30.

Is it possible to combine two or more Reiki courses?                                            

Yes, you can combine Reiki I and II, or even Reiki I, II, and Mastership. Doing so requires a lot of practice hours.
As the energy of our planet shifts, however, more and more of us are becoming ready to learn multiple levels of Reiki continuously. Some people take naturally to this healing method and feel instantly ready to progress to the next level.

How long is the Reiki Master Teacher course?                                                     

Our Reiki Master program takes 4 to 5 days. We also encourage students to stay on for longer to observe our teachings and to practice the art of initiations.

Can I undertake a Reiki course while cleansing?

Yes, We highly recommend it.
In our experience, combining Reiki and colonics is extremely powerful and beneficial. For 21 days after initiation to Reiki there is a natural detoxification and purification happening in the body, this aids the colonic cleansing process. When we are fasting we can access higher spiritual levels and are very sensitive to energy. People initiated into Reiki at these times often go through profound experiences.


How do I make a reservation for one of your programs?

When you submit your request via our website, we will advise you of availability within two days. We require a deposit of 50 % on all bookings for our detox programs, with the balance payable in Thai baht in cash on arrival.

How do I make my deposit for a program?                       

This is done through PayPal or bank transfer (Thai bank only) to our account. We will provide you with details at the time of booking. Please note that PayPal take a small service fee.

Can I withdraw money easily in Thailand?

Yes. Thailand is well-served with ATM machines, so bringing large amounts of cash is generally unnecessary.