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  • Vitality & Rejuvenation

    Vitality & RejuvenationSpecial promotionRejuvenation

10% discount on “11 day rejuvenation and vitality detox”

Our Most Popular Package… Great for guests doing a detox for the first time!

The 11-day detox package includes a pre & post cleanse as well as the 7.5 day Vitality Juice Detox package. This holistic program offers more support and guidance in the preparation for fasting, and more comfort and ease following a prolonged fasting period.

It is perfect for those who are new to detoxification, as the preparatory pre-cleanse offers a smooth transition into the detox program. Our kitchen will take care of your diet with healthy and delicious raw fruits, vegetables, and juices, to balance the alkalinity in the body and increase your vital life-force energy. Dedicated and helpful staff will offer introductory information on the benefits of fasting and cleansing the system, daily dietary guidelines, and support and attention throughout the program.

We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed as you take the steps towards a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle.

  • New You Detox

    New You DetoxSpecial promotionRenew

10% discount on “14 day new you weight loss detox” program

This program combines the benefits of a raw food and juice fast with the deeper cleansing of our 7.5-day program, complemented by the additions of private one-to-one yoga sessions, spa treatments, and nutritional consultations.

During the first 5 days of this program, the body is charged with freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, along with vitamins and mineral-rich raw food. This increases enzyme activity in the body and ensures that it is well-nourished in preparation for the fasting process.

Enhancing the program with powerful herbs and supplements boosts vitality and alkalises the body (most of us live with excessively acidic body pH, due to dietary and lifestyle stressors).

Following the 5-day preparatory period, you will enter into our 7-day detox program, thoroughly cleansing the digestive tract, all the vital organs, and the bloodstream.

Fasting gives your body a chance to take a break from digestion. This allows the colon to release mucoid plaque and toxins that may have been residing there for years, blocking the natural flow of energy and digestion. Once thoroughly cleansed, the body returns to a natural, healthy equilibrium.