We have designed the Orion Retreat detox programs to include everything we have found to be beneficial to detox programs.  We bring our experience of many years of facilitating fasting programs, to you.

Our activities ensure that guests experience the full effectiveness of the programs.  The detox massages encourage lymphatic drainage, which helps to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.  Morning yoga classes, in the shala with views over the gulf of Thailand are structured specifically to aid the cleansing process, strengthen the body, and ignite the parasympathetic nervous system, which encourages healing. Herbal steam and dry sauna are available and are an excellent way to help gently detoxify the body and revitalise the body’s largest organ: The skin!  Our holistic treatments improve the ease and effectiveness of your cleanse, and can release any energetic or emotional blockages that may be preventing complete effectiveness of the program.

Our most popular program is the 11 day Vitality and rejuvenation detox, which includes a pre-cleanse period to prepare you for the 7.5 day Vitality juice fast and colonic cleanse, followed by a post-cleanse to gently ease you off your detox.

We also offer three main fasting and detox programs: 3.5-day7.5-day, and 14.5-day.

The 3.5-day program is an effective light cleanse for the digestive tract. The longer programs (7.5 or 14.5 day programs) go much deeper, reaching the transverse and ascending points and folds in the colon wall and cleaning all the major organs such as liver and kidneys.
We recommend undertaking one of the longer cleanses as it takes 24 to 36 hours of fasting before the body switches from digestion mode to cleansing mode, and 7 days to cleanse the entire bloodstream and thoroughly rid the lymphatic system of toxins.

Additionally we offer a range of programs for specific purposes:
Our Alchemy Retreats;
14-day New You weight loss program;
Soul Nourishing raw food and juice detox,

We can also design longer programs to suit the needs of guests who require a more prolonged detox program.