What to bring to the detox?

The Climate in Thailand is hot most year round so packing light and comfortable clothes are essential. Also bring one long cardigan, one pair of light airy trousers, swimsuit, clothes for yoga, flip flops, a sun hat. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent is available in every pharmacy here. Citronella is a non-deet insect repellent that is most suitable to buy for the detox.
It is recommended to bring a Journal or blank writing book to use during the detox.

What time should I arrive at the retreat to start my detox program?

We suggest that you arrive early in the day to make the most of your pre-cleanse, although you may arrive between 08:00 – 15:00.
Please note that we do not go through the details of detox programs after 3pm each day,  If you do arrive later than 3pm, we will go through your program with you the following day. We recommend that you use this time to relax, make yourself comfortable, enjoy…

What is the difference between a supported fast and unsupported fasting?

We definitely encourage people to undertake regular 24-hour fasts, as well as weekend juice fasts, during the year. A full detox is such a powerful and unique spiritual, emotional and physical experience, however, that we believe it is beneficial for people to be in a different environment away from the habits and distractions that usually take up our attention.
Being in a beautiful environment close to nature, and knowing you have the support of highly-trained and experienced facilitators, also makes a great difference.

What is a colema?

A colema is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material. A colema hydrates the body and supports the release of physical, energetic and emotional tension through gentle, repeated flushing of the colon with water. You may like to think of a colema as a water massage of the tummy and colon from the inside out.

What is the difference between a colema, colonics and an enema?

While it can be a useful process, an enema is not as deeply effective as a colonic. Enemas can be used for emptying the rectum, but they only reach into the lowest 6 to 12 inches of the colon. While an enema bag uses up to 2 liters of water, a colema uses 10 liters.

An enema is usually administered with the patient lying on their side or on all fours, and requires the recipient to reach the toilet in order to evacuate the water. If you are undertaking a major cleanse, numerous enema bags are required. As they only allow water into the lower bowel, and are not effective in removing mutant plaque or long-standing deposits, enemas are limited in their utility.

A professional colonic is administered by a colon hydrotherapist using a machine that pumps water into the bowel (up to 80 liters of water can be used in a single session). The therapist controls the water flow, pressure, and release of the colonic irrigation. Colonics can certainly be effective in flushing the colon, but sessions can be costly and patients may feel uncomfortable having someone in the room with them while undergoing such an intimate cleanse. The colonics cannot be done on a daily basis.

A colema, by contrast, uses 10 litres of water in each colonic. The whole process is done lying down on a colema board, and water is free to flow in and out of the colon naturally and without discomfort. This arrangement allows you to relax deeply, and also to massage your abdomen, should you wish, as the water is let into the bowel. When you’re ready to conclude the process, you simply relax and release the fluid and impacted faecal matter into your toilet. This procedure is repeated several times until the colema bag is empty, and is extremely effective in removing mutant plaque from the walls of the colon.
We also allow you to choose between Pure Water colema, Garlic colema, Apple Cider Vinegar colema and Coffee Colema.

Is this really necessary? Why shouldn’t I just use herbs to clean out my colon?                                 

We use Herbs to compliment the process as they can clean a clean body, but they cannot remove the highly toxic chemicals in our modern-day diet.
Also, used exclusively, they are often far too harsh, stressing the organs and the body’s immune system. Herbs can be especially hard on those who are already struggling with a compromised immune system, add undue stress at a time when the body needs to rest.

How are naturally occurring intestinal flora affected by the detox?

Flushing out putrefied material in the large intestine cleanses the environment for re-growth of helpful bacteria. These microorganisms can only flourish in a clean environment, so cleaning out impacted waste and harmful deposits encourages them to multiply. We also provide flora supplements during your detox to accelerate this process.

How long does a colema take?

Colema sessions can take anything from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Is a colema painful?

A colema should not be a painful experience. Most people enjoy receiving a colonic and are delighted with the sensations of lightness and clearness they experience afterwards. Discomfort does occur occasionally, and is usually attributable to resistance and tension.

The user controls the flow of water, making colemas very gentle and relatively stress-free. To aid the process, we also provide instructions on how to relax and put yourself at ease while undertaking your colema, minimising any discomfort.

A massage therapist will help releasing blockages that may occur.

What kind of water is used during a colema?

We use purified water, which is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon than unfiltered water, due to its drawing effect on solid particles, chemicals, and other matter.
We also allow you to choose between Pure Water colema, Garlic colema, Apple Cider Vinegar colema and Coffee Colema.

Why do two colemas a day?

Most of us have accumulated a considerable amount of impacted faeces (a hardened, rubbery, or wallpaper-like material) in the colon. As this has built up over many years, it requires substantial work to remove it.

During fasting, quite a lot of toxicity is released into the bloodstream. Colemas help to flush this out of your system more quickly, and prevent auto-intoxication (this happens when large amounts of toxins are released into the bloodstream).

What’s better: coffee, garlic apple cider vinegar colemas, or just water colemas?

We use filtered water as the basis for all colemas. If necessary, you can add coffee, garlic or apple cider vinegar depending upon your individual needs. We’ll discuss this with you during our introductory lecture on colonics. If you’re aware of any pre-existing condition, such as parasites, please let us know in advance.

  • Coffee – a very effective stimulant and fat emulsifier. When coffee enters the body during a colema it is absorbed by the veins and is channeled directly to the liver. The caffeine stimulates the liver and gall bladder and encourages the excretion of bile, toxins and gall stones. Please note that only caffeine induced through the rectum produces the above results!A coffee enema is preferable in the morning as the caffeine can be energizing.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Good for cleansing the liver and parasites.
  • Garlic – Works on bacteria, parasites and candida.

Is detoxing difficult?

Depends upon your lifestyle and how deeply you need to detox. Every day will be different. Some days you are likely to experience heightened energy; others you may feel your energy levels are low. You may also find that long-buried emotions rise to the surface. Expecting these ups and downs will make the detox easier. We are also on hand to provide a wide range of holistic therapies to ease the process for you.

By the end of the detox you will feel light, refreshed and more vital. Most people return year after year for an annual cleanse.

I am a smoker. Can I still detox?

Yes, nothing prevents you from detoxing while you smoke, although we may encourage you to try to at least limit your cigarette intake during a fast. It is very common for people to lose interest in smoking while cleansing.

What does the pre-cleanse consist of?

Please take a look at the Pre-Cleanse

What is not included during the pre-cleanse?

Food and accommodation are not included during the pre-cleanse. We recommend a raw food diet, which can be ordered from the retreat, while you pre-cleanse.

What do the liver detox drinks consist of?                     

The drinks are made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper & ginger.

Is pre-cleansing compulsory?

Yes, it prepares the body for the full detox, balances and alkalises the body, and eases you into your cleanse.
We include a one-day pre-cleanse at the retreat with all programs for free. You may add a 2-days pre-cleans to every program, with additional cost.

What time does the detox begin?

The detox starts at 7am in the morning. Check-in is 1 day prior to the detox, to allow for time to go through the program and for you to make yourself at home. There is also a herbal supplement to be taken the evening prior to starting.

I would like to do a detox with you, but my partner does not want to detox. Can s/he still stay with me and does s/he pay for accommodation?

Yes, s/he can stay with you although they will need to pay a single person supplement

How much do you charge for the additional treatments you offer during the detox, such as Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal healing, CranioSacral therapy, and the Chi Nei Tsang?

Please take a look at the Holistic Treatments

Are there any contraindications (conditions that could prevent someone doing detox)?

The following are contraindications for our detox. Exceptions are made for those with a referral from a registered practitioner:

  • high blood pressure
  • heart conditions
  • advanced diseases or cancer of the colon
  • severe haemorrhoids
  • epilepsy or psychoses
  • pregnancy
  • mental disorders or history of mental illness
  • other medical complications previous or current that would make detoxing unwise


How do I make a reservation for one of your programs?

When you submit your request via our website, we will advise you of availability within two days. We require a deposit of 50 % on all bookings for our detox programs, with the balance payable on arrival.

How do I pay for one of your programs?

We require a deposit of 50 % on all bookings for our detox programs This is done through PayPal or bank transfer (Thai bank only) to our account. We will provide you with details at the time of booking. Please note that payment made by PayPal  will incur a small service fee.
The balance is payable either in cash or by credit/debit card upon arrival. Cash payments may be made in either Thai Baht, Euros or Pounds Sterling.

Can I withdraw money easily in Thailand?

Yes. Thailand is well-served with ATM machines, so bringing large amounts of cash is generally unnecessary.