A Shot Of Wheatgrass A Day

Wheatgrass everyday at Orion Retreat Centre

Wheatgrass everyday at Orion Retreat Centre

One of the many benefits of the Orion Retreat detox program is the daily shot of wheatgrass we give our guests. Why wheatgrass? The reasons are numerous…

Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, which is the product of photosynthesis, i.e. direct energy (prana) from our number one source – the sun. This direct absorption of the life-force is extremely healing and alkalising to the body.

Not only is one shot of wheatgrass the nutritional equivalent to a box of fresh, organic green vegetables, but it completely cleanses the tissues and organs of heavy metals, and other environmental toxins.

Wheatgrass has a significant mineral content, which the body really needs during a detox: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium, are all found in balanced amounts. In addition, wheatgrass is a complete protein, containing all nine amino acids, and has significantly rich profiles of vitamins A, B, & C.

The alkalising, oxygenating, cleansing effects of wheatgrass are why we choose to offer it daily in our programs at Orion Retreat Centre, Koh Samui.