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The only way to connect to existence is to go inward, because there at the centre of your being you are always connected. After years of teaching Orion Reiki and combining it with colonics and detox programs, I can share my personal experience with you that a clean vessel (body) enables us to channel energy in its purest form. The fusion of these two programs is the best alchemy to find the inner self and live to your full potential.

At Orion, we know that if we are on the right path in life, then things flow and fall into place like a puzzle. When we are not on the right path things will not work out so easily, it will be like constantly swimming upstream. Does that sound familiar? This is something that we all experience to some degree in our lives.

Deeply cleansing the body from toxins by fasting and using colonics, combined with Orion Reiki, together these are an amazing life-changing combination! Everything becomes clear.

Experimentation with Reiki will allow you to find out for yourself how this energy can help you advance in your development and in the journey of life.

I felt at home for the first time. It was amazing! I cried out of happiness from feeling so connected to the universe and all humanity and knowing why I was here. Every day I would go to sleep feeling excited and looking forward to the next day to go out and play with the world, happy like a child the day before his birthday.

Ari Barkan, Founder of Orion

The retreat vision has manifested so that I can share this alchemy and inner wisdom with people within the natural settings of Thailand. Join myself and the team at the Orion Retreat Centre so that you can START LIVING YOUR VISIONS AND DREAMS NOW.

All inclusive Detox programs All Detox Food, Juices and Supplements
Orion Reiki treatments and courses English-speaking Western therapists
Individually tailored courses and detox programs Daily Checkup
Reiki Courses with Orion trained Master Teachers Daily Yoga & Meditation
5 star luxury accommodation Daily Herbal Steam
Rooms with Sea view and private Jacuzzi on balcony Daily Colema Therapy
Free Airport Transfers Free In Room & Resort WiFi

Thank you so much Ari and Daliah for making me feel so amazing! I am so glad I chose to do my Detox here, where I felt so supported and cared for all through the way.  My body and mind feel such peace and harmony …Ari’s Orion Reiki healing was the best treatment I’ve ever had. I felt so relaxed and could feel the energy go through my body like a million tiny swirling rainbows… Daliah’s yoga was perfect for my Detox and has really inspired me to take it up when I go home…I’ll be sure to come back…

Sophie, England

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